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Author Support Services Bookable via Writers Workshop

Writers' Workshop Commissions 

Diana works with the Writers' Workshop as a Freelance Editor in the Mind Body Spirit area, providing detailed feedback and mentoring help on larger projects, as well as excerpt appraisals and preparation of agent submission packages   These services can also be helpful where the author is looking for assistance with publishing guidance. Editorial critiques and manuscript improvement are available as one-off reports or ongoing mentoring as the work improves.  We can cover multiple levels of editing (copy editing, line editing/developmental editing), as well as proofreading and ghost writing arrangements. Please feel free to contact Writers' Workshop direct to discuss assistance from Diana and obtain a quotation for your project - her editor profile is viewable under 'non-fiction Editors' (about halfway down the web page)   http://www.writersworkshop.co.uk/Book-editors-fiction.html


WRITER SUPPORT: Editing Proofreading Mentoring

Why would you hire someone to help with your writing?  You can probably string  a typical sentence together perfectly well and won't stumble around a paragraph or two, either.  Or you may be someone who wonders if your spelling or grammar is up to scratch.  Maybe you don't usually have to write in a professional capacity, or maybe you are an established writer juggling several different projects and a personal life to boot!  Perhaps English is not your first language or the 'Queen's English' is not your usual style.  It does not really matter where you are on the writing spectrum.  Whether you struggle with dyslexia or are the most erudite reader in the land, you can be sure that other people will be forming an opinion of who you are through your written (or typed) words.  If you need someone to help with copy editing your book manuscript, please visit the agency website and the team will help, putting you in touch with the right person (might be me, or may be a trusted colleague who specialises in the area of focus of your book):  http://www.writersworkshop.co.uk/copyediting.html


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 Frequent Writers 

If you have to write frequently, how much time are you left with to copy edit or proofread your work?  Do you sometimes have to skip such steps, only to then spot some glaring error later, wishing that you hadn't?  The thing is, if it jarred with you, it probably will jar with other people who read it too.  But help is now at hand!  You can count on having a better chance of keeping your reader's attention and protecting your reputation through having someone else do the copy editing for you.  (And wouldn't it be nice to just take the strain off, somewhere, sometimes?).  I take on copy editing in my areas of interest - mind, body, spirit, health - and my colleagues at Writers' Workshop can help with other focuses.   http://www.writersworkshop.co.uk/copyediting.html

Read our Top Ten Tips for Self-Editing 


New Writers 

If you are faced with needing to write something as a new writer, or if you are someone who struggles with language or doesn't have the patience with words, or just no time to devote to writing something smooth and snappy, we can help!  Perhaps the mountain has felt hard to climb and so you haven't even made a start with things yet.  Worry not!  Your project can be made much easier by asking for a little help.  It need not cost a lot, either.  Please contact our admin team at Writers' Workshop to obtain a no obligation quotation: http://www.writersworkshop.co.uk/copyediting.html


Booking Mentoring Sessions

We usually advise booking 2x2 hour tranches of emailed mentoring to get your book project off the ground. As the creative process moves forward, you will gain more confidence and we will have a clearer idea of how the manuscript can be developed.  Further mentoring can also be booked in 2 hour tranches if required. Please note that mentoring is available to existing clients worked with via Writers' Workshop.

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Independent Writing Commissions &

Writers' Workshop Commissions 

As well as accepting independent writing commissions, Diana works with the Writers' Workshop as a Freelance Editor in non-fiction, specialising in the Mind Body Spirit area and alternative health fields.  She helps many authors to develop writing for publication of memoirs and other books.  Some authors also seek publishing guidance and want their manuscripts to be fully edited.  An initial feedback report can provide invaluable guidance as to whether you are on track and/or where changes may be needed.  Mentoring is a great way to get ongoing assistance with a work in progress. Please feel free to contact Writers' Workshop  to obtain a quotation for assistance on your project.

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