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Combination Readings                              


Express Combination Reading

This offers you a chance to look at your question from the point of view of both of the two tools that you select, giving a two-pronged approach for confirmation or extra information.




Premium Combination Reading

This reading allows for greater depth and can also provide for looking at several issues.  Feel free to ask up to three questions.



Birth Data Questions

Unsure about your time or place of birth for an astrology reading?  There are a number of ways that an astrologer can approach this matter.  One surprisingly effective option is that we can set your chart for sunrise and the nearest likely location, which will make your "Sun" sign, or "birth/zodiac" sign the same as the chart's Rising sign or Ascendant.  The majority of planets will still show in the positions they actually were in when you were born, or very close to those positions.  Although the information is accessed in a different way to the lack of "house" positions available in the chart, you should still receive a good reading!  Clients who don't know their birth location or time are often surprised at how accurate their reading turns out to be.  So you don't have to let this hold you back from finding out what astrology can tell you about yourself and your life path.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like to chat through your birth time issue before ordering, or having just ordered your reading.



Why Have a Combination Reading?

Some questions simply benefit from a broader approach!  Using a mix of tools is often the ideal solution.



A two-pronged approach

Confirmation from different angles

                Cross Referencing

More detail



  • Astrology with Tarot
  •  Astrology with Angels
  • Tarot with Angels

Please mention which two tools you would like used for your reading, from the choice of: Astrology (your birth chart), Tarot (mixed pictorial cards) and Angels (pictorial cards with very positive messages) - this information, plus your required birth data if including astrology (date, place and time of birth where known) can be included in the PayPal message box when you pay for your order or, alternatively, please email Diana through the web form with your information, once you have paid for your reading.  You may do so by returning to this page and clicking the following link Contact Us 


Neither the reader nor Mindbliss or Direct Destiny is responsible for outcomes or decisions arrived at by the client.  Please note that any responses to questions relating to health, legal and financial issues are given purely in the context of spiritual insight; it is advised that the relevant professional be consulted for their specific advice, opinion or guidance within their individual domain of expertise.  Clients must use their own judgement and commonsense when reacting to information given in any reading or consultation and must be aware that they are responsible for their own subsequent actions and outcomes.  Legal requirements  suggest that readings information be considered as for "entertainment" only.  It is current policy to offer readings only to adults over the age of 18. 



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