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Mentoring is a way of assisting someone to reach a goal and improve their knowledge or performance.  It can involve learning something new but, often it helps us remember knowledge that has been forgotten, or to reconnect with intentions and refocus our actions.  We currently offer mentoring as a way to explore your issues with nutrition and body image.  Diana has been trained to assess dietary intake and can help the client to observe lifestyle components that may be resulting in unwanted outcomes.  You will be shown how to make choices that work for your goals and overall preferences.


Mentoring for Weight Issues


Would you benefit from nutrition advice?  Seeking insight into what may underlie problems around weight gain?  Help with adjusting eating habits?  Mentoring in this area could be of help to you.  This is carried out in a non-judgemental and confidential context, with a focus on moving away from any negative or complicated patterns and embracing a more positive approach.


An introductory session can help with getting on track, although some clients like to book an initial three sessions to begin their new program, taking advantage of a multiple sessions discount.


For rate details contact us.


Diana led the "3Ns": Nature, Nurture, Nutrition, a successful pilot program at Stepping Stones holistic centre, Farnham, receiving highly positive feedback, especially for the coaching-style mentoring sessions with participants.  Using a powerful mix of scientific evaluation and ancient wisdom, she teamed up with two colleagues, who were trained in areas such as acupuncture, flower essences, massage and hot stone therapy, to assess nutritional status and address weight issues, self esteem, life focuses, lifestyle, addictions and eating disorders.  She has since distilled the essence of the most popular aspects of the program into a one-to-one mentoring approach. 


Diana studied nutrition with the Open University and National College of Further Education.  Her background includes work as a chef and assisting with family health and dietary issues; she can include individual recipe development and menu suggestions and substitutes, to suit your lifestyle and tastes.


Disclaimer The nature of treatment within the nutritional mentoring framework is complementary to medicine.  It is advised to make your doctor aware if you are undergoing any kind of nutritional or weight loss programme.




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Self Esteem Boosting: Self Recovery and Clearing of Blockages to Progress 

For many people the underlying cause of a physical symptom is emotional and to do with deeply held attitudes and beliefs.  Are you too harsh on yourself, never believing you are good enough?   Are you forever worried, striving, driven and stressed out?  Do you constantly worry about what others think of you?


If our sense of positive self-esteem is in place and we feel loved and cared about, then all is well in the world and we can tackle just about anything!  We all have periods of self doubt and reasons why we don't manage to press ahead with what we really would like - or need - to do.  Are you feeling down or stuck in some way?  Would you like to turn things around and face the future with a more positive approach?  Would you simply like to know how to stop experiencing life as so hard?  Whether the problem is practical or emotional, book a coaching session and you will receive non-judgemental, compassionate support with a focus on self-acceptance and moving towards results in a way that works for you, individually.


We suggest booking a series of three sessions to begin with (multiple sessions are discounted); please Contact Us for details of current rates


Diana has mentored others in Self Esteem Enhancement with the Kairos Foundation  as a trained, licensed Mentor. She has also trained as an NLPCoach, NLP Practitioner and in Hypnotherapy with Psycademy and has completed the introduction to Coaching Techniques at the Coaching Academy. 


  • The Kairos Foundation is a non-profit educational charity which aims to help people connect their daily lives with their highest values. 
  • Mentoring in self esteem is intended as a life-enhancing process, aiding individuals to grow in their own lives and develop their dreams and plans. 
  • The Life Coaching model considers the client as a whole and healthy person.  However, from a legal position, it is necessary to advise prospective clients that neither approach is intended as a replacement for medical treatment in relation to mental illnesses.



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