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Diana McMahon Collis at Mindbliss

After graduating from Reading University in Film, Drama and English, Diana developed a portfolio career in the Mind Body Spirit and Health fields.  Since 1990 she has written professionally for the media and has progressed into editing and providing manuscript feedback and mentoring for authors.


Presenting, Mentoring & Tutoring

Her experience as a presenter and mentor includes work as a trainer for a recruitment agency, self-esteem mentoring with the Kairos Foundation, mentoring with the American Tarot Association (ATA) and Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI),  and talks on Astrology and Tarot for local groups.  She has regularly provided presentations on Tarot in the beautiful setting of Champneys spa in Forest Mere, located on the peaceful West Sussex/Hampshire/Surrey borders.

A variety of training and experience has provided a sound basis for Diana to be able to offer courses, classes and mentoring services, with focuses such as: Writing, Nutrition, Astrology and Tarot.

Writing & Editing


From its launch, Diana was the in-house Astrologer for Spa World magazine. Overall, she has written on a wide variety of Mind Body Spirit subjects, as both a Features Writer and Columnist, including items for Spa World, Easy Jet In-Flight magazine, Forturi, Star Temple, HabMag, Holistic Shop, Free Spirit and Best Mediums. She is currently a Freelance Editor with the Writers' Workshop and writes a horoscope column for the Circle of Professional Clairvoyants.  She has also worked on collaborative projects in writing and media, including radio programmes.

In recent years she has contributed to a range of products for Laurence King Publishing, including Tattoo Tarot, Movie Tarot and The Tarot Colouring Book:


Holistic Practice

Alongside writing and other media and presentation work, Diana has developed a private practice, providing holistic services that seek to address the multiple needs of mind, body and spirit, bringing greater harmony.  This began in 1990,  with astrology chart consultations and tarot card readings.  She later trained in Reiki, crystal healing and nutrition.  Meditation practice and psychic development experience also feed into the quality of her consultation work, which is currently provided by Skype and email. She has provided face to face consultations for clients of Champneys Forest Mere spa and at Stepping Stones holistic centre in Farnham, where she also led a pilot nutrition programme and practised Reiki and crystal healing.  Diana takes a down to earth approach to readings, whilst working with "old school" style abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience (which may sound complicated, but they're all to do with sensing things at a higher level than everyday senses normally allow for!). Her focus is foremost on empowering clients in their life experiences, through honesty, integrity and a respectful and ethical approach.


Diana's approach is unique in that she integrates an understanding of all elements of the Mind, Body and Spirit circle of human experience in her work.



She is a long-term member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain and a Co-founder, Endorsed Reader, Trainer and New Reader Assessor with TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles).  She has been hired to give readings at private parties and a variety of public venues, including Festival Place shopping centre in Basingtoke during their Valentine's Look of Love promotion (featuring in the heart poster image on this website).




Healing the Body

Through travelling her own healing journey, Diana has gained a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit, which she has endeavoured to extend throughout her work.





Her search for meaning and desire to live a healthy and balanced life, at all levels, has led to the following endeavours:


- training and qualification as an NLP coach through Psycademy

study in Nutrition through the Open University

- nutrition study and menu planning via the National College of

  Further Education (NCFE)
- work as a chef in a professional kitchen

- leading the 3Ns (Nature Nurture Nutrition) course in healing

  weight issues and addressing a variety of health problems

- attunement in Reiki at Levels I and II

- Crystal Healing training



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