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This angel card reading offers a sense of being soothed and uplifted, with the added benefit of being able to ask any question; we will focus on your question when carrying out your reading, making it extra personal. (Your question can be included in the PayPal message box when you place your order or, alternatively, after paying for your reading, use the web form to send us your question.


£45 (approx. 57 euros - exchange rates may vary)  





Other Card Options

If your situation revolves around needing specific answers, a tarot reading might suit you better.  Tarot is a versatile tool, so we can look at many different types of situations and questions.



Do you have a burning question (or several questions)?

Are you worried about something in particular?

Do you wish you had greater clarity just now?

Are you feeling lost or stuck?

Searching for focus and direction?

Feeling uncomfortable but not sure why?

Tarot can help!


Some people imagine tarot cards to be scary but we have found that the cards merely reflect what is going on in the mind, both in conscious thoughts and in the unconscious (perhaps less acknowledged) areas.  If you see "scary stuff" in the cards it is likely your own fears being projected outwards.  Besides, if apparently "difficult" cards come up in the reading, we are able to explain their message in a way that makes it clear why they have appeared.  Sometimes they may highlight something you already know; at other times they will show something you need to know.  We tend not to predict outcomes as though written in stone, but can explore the possible outcome of the path you are on or a choice you are making.


Tarot reading options. 


Fancy a combination reading that uses Tarot plus Astrology (or pictorial Angel Cards)?

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