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Card of the Moment: Ace of Hearts (Ace of Cups)

Posted on March 23, 2016 at 7:45 PM

Card Illustration Copyright Amy Zerner 1990, from the Eddison Sadd Edition, London 2000 of

The Enchanted Tarot

In the Enchanted Tarot the card that is often called the Ace of Cups in other decks, such as the Rider Waite, is titled the Ace of Hearts.  As it happens, that was always my favourite in the normal playing card deck that I grew up with - my family played Double Pack Rummy as an after dinner game and I was allowed to join in from a young age.  I don't know that it won me many rounds of cards, but I was always glad when it turned up in my hand!

In Amy Zerner and Monte Farber's Enchanted Tarot the Ace of Hearts features the most beautiful colours: deep cerise pink, turquoise blue, teal, purple and lilac.  There is a lace look to the tapestry in the background, featuring gorgeous roses, which gives is both the sense of something freshly cut from the garden and something preserved in time in a lace panel or maybe through cross-stitch.  The deep pink that forms the larger section of the heart has a silk satin look to it, making this a very tactile card.  It seems to belong in a lady's boudoir.  There is a heart within this heart, with a decorated, striped urn or vase below and just behind, which reminds me of the Temperance card and all the water pictured there.  Although there is no visible water in this card, the edge of the heart has a sea blue band and this Suit in the tarot is strongly connected with water - and its link to the emotions within us. 

To me this card represents the purest of feelings an particularly love.  Sometimes we feel love through tears as much as through smiles and warmth.  The heart is a powerful point of connection, human to human.  It is our common denominator of life.  It helps to pump the blood through our veins and the air through our lungs.  The beating of the heart tells us we are alive, vitally so - and we are reminded of our frailty and the temporary nature of life should that heart ever stop.  In a way, the heart and its emotions are the evidence that we are fully alive - and also the warning that, if we misuse what we have been given, it may hurt or stop altogether.

I drew the card today as part of a reading about whether to try to let someone know that we are related - part of the same family.  It's a slightly odd situation, because the person is very famous.  I have been studying genealogy for quite a long time now and, through those connections, this piece of truth has shown itself.  Why would I hesitate?  Lots of reasons, probably, but including that they might be inundated with distant relatives contacting them!  Perhaps they'll think it odd.  Maybe the contact will be unwelcome - and maybe not, who knows.  This card in the reading reminds me that this is the risk of opening up emotionally and reaching out to another human.  The heart might get hurt in the process, somehow.  Or you might raise someone else's blood pressure!  Then again, the roses look like a gift here and they represent something precious and lovely.  So maybe I will find the courage to open my heart and extend out to this person.  The courage to show love, admiration - the chance to say "hey, well done you, for all you have achieved (because he has already done so much).  For now I shall content myself with the peace of this card and its beautiful colours.  I hope you enjoy contemplating it, too.     

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