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Astrology Chart Readings

The Astrological Current

(Soul Path)


In this reading we explore the chart based on your current life concerns.  The major areas of the chart often describe character and circumstances, offering great insight.  

There is scope to address complex matters or multiple questions - just let us know anything you would especially like information on.

This is also the right booking option if you are trying to navigate your Soul path and feeling unsure about your life purpose or what might be the best way forward. 

Astrology often paints the options clearly and then you can choose, letting your intuition help you - along with any karmic information from the chart.

After confirming your reading booking, through your payment below, please email with any specific questions or concerns you wish us to explore or take into account in the reading.



Birth Chart Introduction

If you have not received any birth chart interpretations before, this introduction to the birth chart offers a snapshot of key features of the chart, homing in on the essential you.  

You can request insight on a specific question with this reading; just let us know via email once you have confirmed your order through the payment process below.



Follow Up


You may have already had one of our Astrology, Tarot or Angel Card readings - this is a good follow-on reading.  It is ideal if you have further questions, if you need more insight on issues or if you are undergoing a crisis when decision making needs extra thought and input. 

The Follow Up is also a helpful option if you already know something of your chart but have a specific question or area of concern or would like some further information about the chart's contents.  

Do let us know in an email if you have any specifics that you would like covered.  As this is designed for existing clients, it can alternatively be booked as a Skype audio call 20 minute session (if you think you might need longer, a double Skype option can be booked below). Please note, however, that Skype readings cannot be arranged during times of busier writing schedules.


Extended Follow Up

If you would like a more leisurely follow up session, or have more questions to ask, you may like this option as it offers double the time. 

This can be provided as an email reading but is also relevant, to existing clients who wish to book a Skype session. Please note, however, that Skype readings cannot be arranged during busier schedule times.



Wedding Day - Marriage Chart

Love is all you need....! But is it? Curious to know all that your wedding chart says about the future?  It is believed that the chart for that special day and moment depicts key issues of the marriage.  It's preferable to have ideal planetary placements but people often have to work with what the external world allows for (e.g. venue availability).  

This reading takes into account that there are often few coincidences in life and that, therefore, if there are a few tricky, planetary placements shown in the chart, they are there to guide you and help with offering information on how best to proceed. 

Love is wonderful, but it also may be that there's no such thing as the perfect relationship - in which case, forewarned is forearmed - and you can help one another through any sticky issues, in this way.

The chart for the day and time of the wedding is interpreted alongside the bride and groom's birth charts. The connections therein paint a picture that gives clues to both the high spots and possible challenges ahead.

Life truly is a journey and relationships have sunny days as well as the odd spots of rain. Celebrate your relationship in its entirety and see what the marriage chart interpretation has to offer!


Astrology Genealogy


Curious about the connections between you and your relatives?

Up to four charts can be considered, to give you an idea of the astrological links in your family and what they mean. 

In the case of living relatives, it's preferable if you can ask their permission, as a courtesy. You will need to include everyone's birth data, which means at least the date and place of birth

Please be aware that this is not intended to be a full reading of each chart, but a way to analyse the charts together to spot where there are links across the family line. 



Planet by Planet Report

This differs from the other astrology readings in that the report is compiled from unique interpretive astrology software under a special, professional licence.  

The report provides a planet-by-planet understanding, describing your planets in their signs, houses and aspect relationships to one another.  It usually covers about 20 A4 pages and is a standalone report.

You can also consult your report alongside other. personally carried out readings to give added information. 

Please note that this approach cannot provide a synthesised analysis of the chart, which requires the astrologer's hands-on intervention. The content is nonetheless of a very high quality and provided solely under agreed licence with Janus/Astrology House.




Combination Reading

An Astrology focus is combined with Tarot Cards or Angel Cards, according to your preference (no specific preference? Don't worry - we'll choose on your behalf!)

We look at your birth chart and note the current and near future patterns of the planets whilst also seeing what the cards have to say.

This provides a great set of cross-referencing tools for any situation!


Click through to see options for Combination Readings 

Questions about Astrology Readings?

See the Astrology FAQhttps://www.mindbliss.co.uk/apps/faq/

Important Information



Your reading will be carried out personally and delivered via email, usually within 72 hours (sometimes a little longer around weekends and holidays).  This will be a quality reading with "real life" human input.  Careful preparations are made for readings, with thought given to creating a peaceful, calm and meditative space before contemplation of your birth chart.  Every effort is made to deliver positive and uplifting content in all readings, with a respectful emphasis on honesty, integrity, personal growth and the purity of spiritual guidance. 

For your astrology reading you will need to provide these birth details: date, place and time of birth, (as closely as known - see below re sources*).

 * Your mother or, if not born at home, hospital records, may be the best sources of information regarding your time of birth.  If you have tried these avenues or have no access to them and therefore find that no accurate time and/or place is available, please ask for a Sun Rise birth chart to be cast for you.  Or, if you prefer, we can work with a single moment in time that you choose intuitively (one you feel more drawn to) - this work well for many people and it is surprising how often intuition is accurate and produces a chart with an Ascendant (Rising Sign) that fits!  Or we can use crystal dowsing to help find a time for you - please email if you have questions about this as it is a bit more involved and therefore requires an additional fee (unless you know how to dowse for yourself, in which case just ask us for the specific set up for astrology and that's free!).

For all Astrology Readings

You have an option to ask specific questions before your reading is carried out.  Birth data and any question or request for an area you specifically would like us to focus on (eg Love, Work, Hobbies, Money, House Issues, Family Challenges, Spiritual Path, Difficult Choices) can be included after you have made your PayPal booking, by email through the contact form on this site.

Please note that, whilst we do use psychic and intuitive ability in readings and, quite often, things come up that will be highly appropriate to a client's situation, we cannot always be expected to know every detail of the situation.  Sometimes you may need to say roughly what the questions are that are in your thoughts, so that we can try to find a direct pathway through to clarity for you.  

We know that sometimes you just want someone to look at your life in a general way and 'see what's there' - maybe especially if this is your first reading or if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed.  That's ok, too - we will still do our best for you!  

Either way, we thank you for your understanding.

Booking from another location than the UK? The currency converter tool may be useful:


Birth Data Questions - Guidelines

Are you unsure about your time or place of birth for an astrology reading?

There are a number of ways that an astrologer can approach this matter.  One surprisingly effective option is that we can set your chart for sunrise and the nearest likely location, which will make your "Sun" sign, or "birth/zodiac" sign the same as the chart's Rising sign or Ascendant.  

The majority of planets will still show in the positions they actually were in when you were born, or very close to those positions.  Although the information is accessed in a different way to the lack of "house" positions available in the chart, you should still receive a good reading!

Clients who don't know their birth location or time are often surprised at how accurate their reading turns out to be.  So you don't have to let this hold you back from finding out what astrology can tell you about yourself and your life path.  

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to chat through your birth time issue before ordering, or having just ordered your reading. Please note that data is used for the purposes of the service you have requested. We take reasonable measures to protect your information, however, in using this service you acknowledge that the Internet is not completely secure and we cannot be held responsible for what happens to information sent across.

An interpretation of your astrology chart (birth chart) can help with many things, like:

  • confirmation of your true self - affirmation of who you are
  • understanding the deeper issues of life - giving insight, resolving puzzles
  • exploring repeating patterns - fed up of ending up with a particular result?


A professional reading of your chart can give instant, deeper insights into your life


Your reading can focus on areas such as:

  • relationships 
  • connections with family, friends, lovers, colleagues, even pets!
  • romance and marriage
  • work, career and business interests
  • money matters
  • house moves 
  • temperament, habits, options and choices for the future
  • spiritual path
  • power and challenges 
  • and much more!

What preferences do you have for your reading? Perhaps you would like to look at some of the above - or even any of the following (just let us know any particular preferences when you book):

  • timing of certain events in your life 
  • what matters most, as a focus for the here and now (or, for a future point in time) 
  • your short term future outlook 
  • the long term future.

Further Information

Most questions will be answered in the FAQ section at: https://www.mindbliss.co.uk/apps/faq/

For anything further about the astrology readings options offered here, that is not answered there: Email us 

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