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"The angels have guided me in the right direction today. 

Thank you for a wonderful, accurate reading. Spot on for me. 

The best reading I've ever had! " (T)

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Email Reading Guidelines

Email readings can be more convenient; they are  completely personal and of the same quality you would expect from a reader giving a face to face consultation.  Your question and situation will be given at least as much attention as if we were sitting together! As your reader, I use intuitive abilities to tune into the energy around you, focusing on the details you provide - which can be as simple as your name, gender, birth data and basic question area.  As this method of receiving a reading is initially more "one way", you are at liberty to mention more about anything important that you want focus on - ideally, when you place your order.  Please check over the Reading Guidelines for phrasing questions.



Neither the reader nor Mindbliss or Direct Destiny is responsible for outcomes or decisions arrived at by the client.  Please note that any responses to questions relating to health, legal and financial issues are given purely in the context of spiritual insight; it is advised that the relevant professional be consulted for their specific advice, opinion or guidance within their individual domain of expertise.  Clients must use their own judgement and commonsense when reacting to information given in any reading or consultation and must be aware that they are responsible for their own subsequent actions and outcomes.  Legal requirements  suggest that readings information be considered as for "entertainment" only.  It is current policy to offer readings only to adults over the age of 18.

Data Protection

In compliance with GDPR, we take all reasonable steps to protect personal data, but use of this service means you acknowledge that use of the Internet is not entirely secure and for this reason we cannot guarantee the security of any personal information transferred from you or to you via the Internet. 

Gift Vouchers

If you would like to offer someone a reading as a gift, the best method is to purchase a voucher so they can choose their own reading.

To order a voucher towards a part or full cost of a reading, simply request the appropriate amount.  Please use the PayPal button below to place your payment (entering correct the figure) and confirm in the PayPal message box that this is for a voucher.  Once your request is received you will be emailed the voucher, which can be forwarded to the recipient or printed off to give them in person.  The voucher contains all details for how to obtain the reading.  Please note that all vouchers are uniquely numbered so that each may only be used once.



Mindbliss readings are very reasonably priced for the level of expertise of the reader, with the intention they be available to all who want or need them.  Free readings are not offered within this service provision.  However, if the listed prices are genuinely beyond someone's means, we will consider providing a mini reading on a donation basis.  The terms are simple: we ask that you ask one specific question on the PayPal page, via the button below, where you can offer your donation.  Please observe the Reading Guidelines. and disclaimer on this page.




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