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Question Guidelines for Tarot and Combination Readings

Divination, especially Tarot, often gives the clearest answers when we ask the clearest questions.

Although we understand this may not always feel easy, if you can manage to express what's troubling you then the tarot's guidance will often be more direct.   Please use the PayPal message box to put your question forward or, once you have paid for your reading, email us through the web form with your question or area of focus; simply return to this page and use the following link to go to the web form: Contact Us

Here are some pointers to help you get the most from your Tarot reading. 

  • The main issues involve avoiding extremes, that is questions that are either too broad or too narrow in focus - and keeping the focus on you, because you are the person that needs the answers!
  • Please try to avoid very general questions such as "what is in my future?" and any third party questions such as: "is X cheating on me".  Do what you can to make your question relevant to YOU yourself and to what you could possibly do about the matter (so that the power is in your hands, wherever possible!).  For example, you might ask "What can I do to create the best future, especially in relation to X" (X being an area of life such as work, or a hobby/interest, or x being a person), or you could ask "what do I need to know about my relationship with X". 
  • Specific questions are great, but please appreciate that the Tarot may not have an obvious way of answering yes or no to any question.  It is probably best to ask what you need to know about a particular work situation area than to ask "will I get the job", although you can mention that you are applying for a job and wonder how you will do, when you put your question forward.   This is context information and good context will often help us to give you a more specific and clear answer.
  • Third party readings can be difficult; after all it is your life, your choices and actions that we are looking at.  So, rather than asking "what does X feel about me", try putting the question along the lines of "what do I need to know about my relationship with X?".

If you really can't find the words or don't want to go into depth about what's on your mind, you can put a word like "work", "family", "money", "bereavement", "health", "love" etc. Your word will be phrased into a question to put to the tarot for helpful insight into your situation.  Please bear in mind that the other preferences above will probably give you a more helpful response, but this is always an option.  Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines! Please also read our disclaimer.



Neither the reader nor Mindbliss or Direct Destiny is responsible for outcomes or decisions arrived at by the client.  Please note that any responses to questions relating to health, legal and financial issues are given purely in the context of spiritual insight; it is advised that the relevant professional be consulted for their specific advice, opinion or guidance within their individual domain of expertise.  Clients must use their own judgement and commonsense when reacting to information given in any reading or consultation and must be aware that they are responsible for their own subsequent actions and outcomes.  Legal requirements  suggest that readings information be considered as for "entertainment" only.  It is current policy to offer readings only to adults over the age of 18. 



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