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Tarot Question Guidelines

Tarot gives the clearest answers when we ask the clearest questions.

Your reader may have psychic ability, empathy and compassionate sensitivity, but if a question received is not clear or is too ambiguous it can place blocks and clouds along the psychic channel.  Whilst clear questions may not always feel easy to phrase straight away, a little thought around your situation can make them so.  Therefore we would like to offer some thoughts on how to phrase your question(s) so that the tarot's guidance can be as clear as possible.  (You can use the PayPal message box to type any  questions or, after you have paid for your reading, contact us through the web form, stating your questions/situation or area of focus).

How to get the most from your Tarot reading

Try to avoid extremes, ie questions that are rather broad/general (eg "what is in my future?") or rather narrow in focus (eg "tell me the name of the man I'm going to marry").  We usually find it best to focus on the near future - the next few months - or mid-term, ie the year ahead.

Aim to keep the focus on you, rather than trying to get into someone else's thoughts and feelings.  To help with this, consider that your own needs and feelings are the most important of all and work from there.  If you're not sure how to phrase a question in this way try asking "what do I need to know about ...." (fill in the dots with your concern).

Try to avoid 'third party' questions, such as: "How does X feel about me?", or "Is X cheating on me?".  We hope to help you find a more personally empowering stance.  So you might ask "What can I do to improve my chances with X?" or "What do I need to do to help build my ability to trust in relationships?" or, simply, "What do I need to know about my relationship with X?". 

Specific questions are welcome, but Tarot cards don't have a built in way of answering "yes" or "no".  We can use a specific yes/no spread (layout of the cards) but with any yes/no type question you may want some more information if the answer is unclear or if it seems to be "no" - and we will do our best to give that to you.  Ideally it will help if you can ask a question such as"what do I need to know about ..." (eg "the situation around the job I'm going for") rather than only "Will I get the job".  We don't need to know you entire work history but a little context may help for clarity, such as "the area I work in is personnel/law/hairdressing/medicine (etc)" .

If you really can't find the words or don't want to go into depth about what's on your mind, you can put a word like "work", "family", "money", "bereavement", "health", "love" etc. Your word will be phrased into a question to put to the tarot for helpful insight into your situation.  Please bear in mind, however, that the other preferences above will generally give you the most helpful response. 

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines! Please also read our disclaimer.