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"I have found the reading incredibly helpful, thank you so much.  It is very healing to see things as they are and where they potentially are going.  You write beautifully and very intuitively - thank you." (S)

Card Reading Services

Tarot Readings by Email

We use a range of tarot decks to read with, including the Tattoo Tarot: Ink and Intuition deck, which Diana collaborated on with Megamunden and wrote the booklet for Laurence King Publishing.  The deck is available for sale, separately, via Amazon from the sidebar to the right, or from Laurence King Publishing.

Tarot Insight Reading

A to-the-point, express reading, providing guidance in the now, on your situation or question. For when you need extra insight!


We want you to get the most from your reading.

For extra guidance on phrasing questions for your tarot reading, see:

Tarot Question Guidelines

Tarot Answers Reading

A comprehensive, intuitive reading, looking at the complexities of a matter.  Tarot Answers can be used to address a number of different issues/areas if needed. 

Let us know if you have several questions (up to three), or would prefer more depth on one main area. 

Please book via the payment option below.

You can include further information by email afterwards (using the Contact link in the top bar menu on this site)


We want you to get the most from your reading.

For extra guidance on phrasing a question for your tarot reading, please see:

Tarot Question Guidelines

Tarot & Astrology Reading

If you would especially like a combination reading, which includes Astrology or Tarot cards with Angel cards (or another combination of two of these tools):

Click here

Angel Card Reading

Bringing extra warmth, sunshine and positivity into your life! 

This reading is ideal if you identify with any one or more of the below:

You're feeling in a fragile state

You'd welcome a very gentle and highly positive reading

You're in need of an instant boost

You're looking for more light

You're feeling extra vulnerable, in need of support

You're dealing with an issue so painful that you don't feel able to hear a message with anything more than a feather-like touch

You're bereaved, perhaps wishing you could somehow connect with a departed loved one(s), or find a way to turn a corner into a new life.

Mindbliss angel readings use a set of large, beautifully-coloured cards, designed by the talented artist, Toni Carmine Salerno.  These cards feature the faces and activities of angels, gods and goddess figures. They evoke powerful, positive feelings and help bring forth information in the form of uplifting messages of guidance and hope.



For TABI Members - we offer a discounted option - just quote your TABI membership number when ordering.


Tarot & Angel Card Question Guidelines

Tarot Cards and Angels often provide the clearest answers when we ask the clearest questions!

If you can't find a way to ask a question that's ok - just say what areas of life you'd most like some information on. But if you have a burning question or need, remember that although your reader may have psychic ability, empathy and compassionate sensitivity, if a query received is very ambiguous it can sometimes place blocks and clouds along the psychic channel.  

Whilst clear questions may not always feel easy to phrase straight away, a little thought around your situation can make the process easier. We offer some thoughts on how to phrase a question, so that the guidance you receive can be as clear as possible.  (You can use the PayPal message box to type any questions or, after you have paid for your reading, contact us through the web form, stating your questions/situation or area of focus).

How to get the most from your reading 

1) We suggest avoiding extremes where possible, ie questions that are rather broad or general (e.g., "What's in my future?") or questions that are very narrow in focus (e.g., "Tell me the name of the person I'm going to marry").  It is usually best to focus on the near future - that is, the next few months - or the mid-term (6-12 months). But if something's bothering you a lot and it's an ongoing issue, we'll understand if you ask "Will I ever....?" (whatever the ever may be!)

2) The next bit's really important - we want to aim to keep the focus on you, rather than trying to delve too much into anyone else's thoughts and feelings (which we feel might be a violation of their privacy).  If you consider that your own needs and feelings are the most important of all, it can be a great way to work from there!  If you're not sure how to phrase a question in this way try asking "What do I need to know in relation to my worry about ...." (fill in the dots with your concern).

3) It's really best to try to avoid 'third party' questions, where possible, such as, "How does X feel about me?", or "Is X cheating on me?". Our hope is to help you find your most empowering stance.  So, you might ask, "What can I do to improve my chances with X?" or "What do I need to do to strengthen the good in the relationship I have with X?" A simple option could be, "What do I most need to know about my relationship with X?" (you can also apply those questions to work, etc!) 

Tarot, Angel cards and Astrology are tools and they are used in ways that are focussed on helping you from a spiritual perspective. If something is out of alignment, they won't show the answers very clearly - it's just a thing! And it might be a matter of timing of your question. Or even that the question can't be answered easily using tools like this - because they are foremost spiritual tools, and so they do have limitations. In this vein, it's sometimes worth considering if another option would be more helpful, from consulting with a doctor to a therapist, or from a financial advisor to a private investigator; those people have specific expertise that may help more in the physical world. But if your question can be answered using our tools, in the ways we use them, we'll be more than happy to help!

Extra Hints

Specific questions are welcome, but Tarot cards don't have a built in way of answering "yes" or "no".  We can use a specific yes/no spread (layout of the cards) but with any yes/no type question you may want some more information if the answer is unclear or if it seems to be "no" - and we will do our best to give that to you.  Ideally it will help if you can ask a question such as "What do I need to know about ..." (eg "the situation around the job I'm going for") rather than only, "Will I get the job?".  We don't need to know you entire work history but a little context may help for clarity, such as, "The area I work in is personnel/law/beauty therapy/medicine...(etc)" .

If you really can't find the words or don't want to go into depth about what's on your mind, you can put a word like "work", "family", "money", "bereavement", "health", "love" etc. Your word will be phrased into a question to put to the tarot for helpful insight into your situation.  Please bear in mind, however, that the other preferences above will generally give you the most helpful response.

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines! Please also read our disclaimer

Neither the reader nor Mindbliss or Direct Destiny is responsible for outcomes or decisions arrived at by the client.  Please note that any responses to questions relating to health, legal and financial issues are given purely in the context of spiritual insight; it is advised that the relevant professional be consulted for their specific advice, opinion or guidance within their individual domain of expertise.  Clients must use their own judgement and commonsense when reacting to information given in any reading or consultation and must be aware that they are responsible for their own subsequent actions and outcomes.  Legal requirements  suggest that readings information be considered as for "entertainment" only.  It is current policy to offer readings only to adults over the age of 18.

Data Protection 

In compliance with GDPR, we take all reasonable steps to protect personal data, but use of this service means you acknowledge that use of the Internet is not entirely secure and for this reason we cannot guarantee the security of any personal information transferred from you or to you via the Internet. 


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