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Many of the clients who have used our freelance and agency services have kindly offered feedback; some of the examples on this page are in-depth, others more brief but all were very welcome! Please note that identities have been protected with respect to confidentiality.

Consultation Feedback                             Mentoring Feedback

Feedback from Clients Receiving Email Readings & Live Consultations


"Thank you again for the tarot card reading - it truly is very helpful and inspiring...the reading was really comprehensive and very reassuring.  I find the practical, grounded focus really helpful.  That's quite a special gift you have!  After having at least an annual reading in my life that was one of the best." (Sharon - Email Reading)



"The angels have guided me in the right direction today. Thank you for a wonderful, accurate reading. Spot on for me. The best reading I've ever had! " (T - Face to Face Live Event/Public Venue Consultation)


"Incredibly accurate. My reading has confirmed my faith in our guiding lights. Fabulous. Thank you so much for touching my life" (P - Face to Face Live Event/Public Venue Consultation)


"My readings with Diana have genuinely contributed towards a whole change in life perspective. Diana is incredibly perceptive and, uniquely, uses a mixture of astrology, tarot and personal interpretation and emotional intelligence all of which combines to an uncanny ability to get to the root of a particular life issue or challenge. Diana is incredibly sensitive and picked up on my particular challenges very quickly offering gentle and kind guidance and helping me to find my own clarity and way forward. I leave our sessions armed with a raft of useful inspirations/ideas/techniques - all of which I have used and seen amazing results from. I find Diana warm, kind, gentle, perceptive. She is definitely value for money!" (Sharon - Face to Face Pre-Booked Consultations)



"I have had several readings over the years with Diana and I always come away feeling inspired and she manages to put clarity on key events happening in my life. Think Diana is an excellent life coach who has helped me to put into perspective a few things and have been to see her sometimes when I have felt uneasy/troubled about something. I like the mixed Tarot and Astrology reading that she provides as this gives in my opinion two takes at it ? Would highly recommend a visit to Diana." (Cheryl ? Face to Face Pre-Booked Consultations)



"I have found the reading incredibly helpful, thank you so much.  It is very healing to see things as they are and where they potentially are going.  You write beautifully and very intuitively - thank you." (S - Email Reading)



 "Thank you for your reading! It has helped me with the issues I have at the moment - and it is accurate about the situation I am in.  I will definitely wish to have another reading at a later point in time...Once again thank you for your assistance - the reading is helpful as I can go back and read it and more and more issues pop up that relate to my situation!" (H - Email Reading)



Feedback from Author Clients on Manuscript Appraisals, Mentoring & Book Editing


"Thank you so much for your Editorial Report it was unbelievably helpful and has made a big difference to my thinking and confidence. I love your ideas about...and many of the wording suggestions.... and will be keeping a careful eye out for ... in the future. I am also very grateful for the help with content, grammar, punctuation etc. I wasn't expecting suggestions for agents, or the example of..., or the very kind way you gave your advice so I am doubly grateful.

This is a very exciting time for me but also lonely and full of uncertainty and you have given me confidence and direction. Thank you, and I will most certainly recommend this Editorial Service and especially you as an editor." (From a Health/Parenting author)



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For clarification: appraisal/critique work involves a careful review and appraisal, with detailed feedback, on a manuscript of an as-yet unpublished book - often accompanied with recommendations on how to move forward along various publishing routes. Appraisal, mentoring and editing work is usually conducted through WritersWorkshop.co.uk literary consultancy/editorial agency. -

"Many thanks for your excellent and extremely useful review of the book. You obviously read it carefully, thought about it, and gave it a lot of time. I am therefore delighted that you were the one to whom the Writer's Workshop had passed the manuscript...your review has lived up to my expectations. In particular I liked the broad, overall comments and suggestions, as well as the detailed advice about agents and publishers. I'm attending to all, or nearly all, the points you raise. I have to add that you come through as a singularly thorough and basically kind, gentle person!" (From a Health Author)



"Thank you for your work. The criticism was direct and well explained. The questions and comments you made have allowed me to sharpen my focus and I believe the editing service received will go a long way in helping me finish my book. I will be taking some time to apply what I have learned." (From a Spiritual-Esoteric Author)





 "Thank you so much for the report... I am grateful for your thorough and detailed feedback. You have done an amazing job here.  I can see that your suggestions will improve the work greatly..." (From a Spiritual-Inspirational Author)






 "Thank you for editing my book; it's doing well. I am truly grateful.  Sending beautiful vibrations to you and your family. Bless". (From a Spiritual-Inspirational Author)






" Thank you so very,  very much for your  report  and appraisal....  You have helped me immensely! I am so grateful. I  appreciate,  and  embrace,  all  that  you have suggested;  it will greatly aid my reworking of the book... Diana, your  report/appraisal  has changed me.    I can feel it.    I feel marvellously pruned and cut back for new growth. I needed this very much!  I shall always be  grateful  to you...
I think there is now a new confidence welling up in me, a greater release... I was touched that you found in places a sense of magic, and fairytale...and pieces of ?highly evocative writing.? I will retain those elements...trusting  that
whatever good was there, will stay there in the reworked [version]." (From an Inspirational Memoir author) 


"Thank you for sorting out my MS. You've been so kind and helpful!" (From a Health author)
























































































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