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The Fast Track Astrology home-study course system allows students to learn in their own space and time at a very reasonable cost. Originally devised as a series of sequential lesson courses at varying levels, for both face to face and online/emailed tuition, the course is now offered as a set of mentored and stand alone modules, all conducted via email. The modules of FTAO can be studied sequentially or mixed and matched, although we do recommend studying all of FTAO1 (the Level 1 course) sequentially, as it acts as a foundation course in astrology. There is no need for students to log in to live classes and, with the mentored version, no pressure to submit exercise work within a specified time frame (you get to choose).  If you just want the course material and exercises to work through, choose the stand alone version; if you would like tutor feedback on your exercise work, choose the mentored version.  The courses are suitable for beginners in astrology as well as those who seek increased knowledge, although Level 1 is suggested as a unifying start point for everyone.  Former students who are eager to revise or practice their astrology more may enjoy booking onto another Level or booking ad-hoc mentoring sessions.  Anyone may request tuition in a specific area of Astrology or Tarot.  Details are given below of the types of areas covered in the Level 1 course (FTAO1); please email for details of other course content in Levels 2 and 3 (Level 4 also coming soon!).


Fast Track Astrology Level 1

The FTA system of learning provides a thorough introduction to the basics of natal astrology, clarifying the language of astrology and enabling you to make a start with the skill of reading birth charts - including your own chart.  Higher level modules add building blocks to further your astrological vocabulary and understanding.  Tarot card readers can benefit from the focuses on the astrology within tarot.

The course has previously been taught in intensive, 6 and 8 week in-person and online/email course formats.  The more relaxed, home-study option allows students the benefits of greater breathing space and privacy, whilst, through the mentored version, maintaining the bonus of direct tutor input, through feedback on submitted exercise work (please note that exercises are included with every module, whether or not you choose the mentored option, which also offers feedback on submitted exercise work).

The following are typical areas found within the Fast Track Astrology course modules:

  • Combining Planets and Signs
  • The Spiritual Basis of Symbolism
  • Horoscope House Areas
  • Identifying People in the Chart
  • Background History & Philosophy              
  • The Four Elements                           
  • Identifying the most significant planets     
  • The Lunar Cycle
  • The Nodes of the Moon (karmic symbolism)
  • The "Arabic" Part of Fortune
  • Chart Aspect Patterns
  • Astrology in Tarot (an introduction)

See testimonials from previous course participants:


Email for more information on specific modules or levels, putting 'FTAO' as the subject - please mention which areas you are most interested in.


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Course Booking/Ordering

To gain access to the course material, click the button selection below; you will then be sent the material for the first module by email (please allow up to 24 hours under usual circumstances; payment can be made by credit card or PayPal funding, using the same button - you don't need a PayPal account for credit card payment).  Make your selection from either the "stand alone" version (includes course material and exercises for self-testing) or the mentored option, which also includes emailed feedback on submission of the exercises.  You can also pay for the complete course if you prefer; the course will be emailed to you in separate modules simultaneously:


FTAO1 Mentored Version - first module 


FTAO1 Mentored Version - Complete course (all eight modules)

FTAO1 Stand Alone Version - first module


FTAO1 Stand Alone Version - Complete Course (all eight modules)




Students who have taken Fast Track Astrology course modules and/or received mentoring or tuition have been kind enough to let us know about their experiences and we have pleasure in sharing some of their feedback here: 


[Feedback from FTAO Level 2; Online/Email Course - from 4 participants]

"I loved this course! Each week we had beautifully written lessons, jammed packed with so much information, which I definitely appreciated. The teacher is brilliant! I really enjoyed the ease of her writing style. The material was taught so well that I quickly understood the lessons. The teacher was very patient, kind and very encouraging in her teaching style with the students and, if I had a question, she was very approachable. I felt confident she knew the answer. I started off knowing just a few basic principles, and now I understand quite a bit about astrology. I thought I would be a bit intimidated, but I never felt that way. It's amazing how far I've come and what I was given.... at a price I could afford. I got more than what I paid for, and not for one moment have I regretted this course. I cannot express my gratitude thoroughly enough, thanks!"
      Chanel Bayless

"Diana's in-depth knowledge of astrology shines through in her excellent responses to work we carried out. I recommend this course as extremely good value for money if you have a enough time on your hands to really work with it."
      Emma Sunerton-Burl

"I felt that Fast Track Astrology Level 2 followed on very well from the Level 1 course. I did think that I had a slight advantage over some of the other students as I had completed Level 1 whereas they hadn’t. I found this online course to be an excellent way of expanding my knowledge of Astrology. It has obviously been well thought out and has had a vast amount of research put into it. This, coupled with Diana’s experience in Astrology and Tarot has made it a worthwhile and valuable course to have completed. I particularly enjoyed the feedback from Diana and the camaraderie and comments of the other course pupils. I give 10/10 for the presentation of the course; it has been very enjoyable".
      Lori Hampson

"It’s the first Astrology course I’ve done so it was very exciting. I liked the kind of open approach Diana has so that I felt able to work from where I was at with my patchy knowledge. The first week made a terrific impression on me and each following week seemed to bring in amazing stuff. Very exciting and mentally very challenging at times but I’ve certainly progressed because of it. I liked all of the course content, but perhaps especially linking the decans with my chart and the Tarot, getting into the capsule interpretation as a way into a chart, putting a toe in the water with Transits and learning more about my own chart. I really like Diana’s style. It feels warm, easy and friendly and open to different ways of seeing things. Things were clearly explained and Diana replied to email questions promptly. I was very comfortable on this course. I think you could do a whole course on any of the lessons but, if you spent more time it would lose the *wow* factor that I felt as each week brought something really exciting and interesting. As it was called “Fast Track”, it lived up to that. I think everyone interested in astrology should do Diana’s course!"


[Feedback from FTA Level 1 Face to Face 6-week course at Stepping Stones, Farnham - from 4 participants]


"Having been fascinated by Astrology (and Astronomy) for some time, I enrolled on the Fast Track Astrology Course in order to learn more about the subject and to provide some more insight into the Astrology-Tarot connection. However, I soon found myself becoming more and more interested in the subject as Diana (Collis, our tutor) revealed how intriguing, compelling and complex Astrology actually is. The more I learned - the more I wanted to know. Diana's in-depth knowledge and experience of the subject is admirable and her style of teaching makes every lesson fun. There is a lot packed in to the face-to-face Level 1 course and I found it supportive to commit to doing the homework and do the suggested outside reading - none of which is a problem, of course, when you are enjoying learning about something!"
      Lori Hampson, Surrey

"I felt this course certainly delivered what it said it would and made astrology much clearer. I enjoyed learning about the tarot connection and the different houses and planets. I thought the teacher was lovely: very helpful and positive and encouraging. She didn't make me feel at all self-conscious or silly when I didn't understand something."

"The Level 1 Fast Track Astrology course allows you to feel like you've learned a basic foundation in astrology without feeling overwhelmed."
      Juli Arthurs

"I thoroughly enjoyed the classes - they went too fast! It was great to be involved with people with a shared interest. I really enjoyed working on my own chart and gaining a greater understanding of myself."


[Feedback from FTAO Level 1; Online Course]

"The responsive, interactive and personal nature of the course make it very worthwhile. I would never have got this far by reading privately"





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Mentoring can help all levels of readers and students to develop new and existing skills.  The issues that readers and students face can vary, from fear about taking new steps to feeling stale, experiencing burnout, feeling disconnected and inconsistent, having trouble with a technique or lacking confidence with a particular format (eg face to face, email or telephone reading) - and more besides.  Diana understands, from the inside, thanks to over 20 years of experience in providing psychic/spiritual readings, working with astrology, tarot and holisitic therapies, in all kinds of settings. She offers a confidential and non-judgmental, one-to-one mentoring service, conducted via email, by phone link or in person locally.

Benefits of one to one mentoring at Mindbliss:

  • work at your own, individual pace, without pressure
  • obtain help when you really need it (crisis sessions a speciality!)
  • build greater confidence in your ability through feedback that nurtures your strengths and helps you overcome challenges
  • receive personal attention whilst enjoying privacy
  • ask questions in confidence
  • remove anxieties by finally being able to tackle problem areas
  • receive help on issues frequently not covered elsewhere
  • obtain input that is unique to your individual needs and situation
  • build confidence gradually, as you experience your capability strengthening
  • deepen your skills and widen your experience
  • learn tips from a professional astrologer, tarot reader & angel card reader
  • feel confident in working with an experienced mentor, trainer & tutor


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Mentoring Booking

To arrange a mentoring session, use the button to send a payment (using credit card or PayPal account funding) and we will email you back to set up your session:



Please feel free to email and let us know if you want to be mentored in tarot or astrology using our contact form



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